Hoofddorp, July 2, 2018 – OMRON Healthcare Europe, a global leader in medical equipment for home health monitoring and therapy, announces the acquisition of privately-held 3A Health Care s.r.l., a leader in the development and production of specialized aerosol therapy devices and surgical aspirators.

OMRON Healthcare provides a wide range of respiratory therapy devices that help people to prevent and treat airway diseases. The company also offers products and solutions in other home healthcare categories such as blood pressure monitoring, pain management, weight management and temperature measurement.

Italy based 3A Health Care has a 30-year history of developing aerosol therapy devices for professional and home use. At the forefront of innovation in compressor nebulizer technology, 3A’s products are highly regarded by medical professionals and widely used by consumers.

Since 2014 both companies have worked together to bring innovations to market that address specific needs in the treatment of respiratory conditions. The agreement, signed on June 29th, combines 3A Health Care’s strengths in design, planning and procurement with OMRON Healthcare’s culture of innovation and quality assurance and marks the expansion of OMRON’s leading position in the global nebulizer market.

“With this acquisition we are gaining strong talent and innovative technology that builds on our R&D and production expertise. It will allow us to provide a broader portfolio of respiratory solutions and offer these to more consumers and patients than ever before.” said Andre van Gils, President and CEO of Omron Healthcare Europe B.V. “This confirms the commitment to our vision to go for zero compromise on healthier lives and empower more people to effectively treat their respiratory conditions.”

“Becoming part of OMRON Healthcare provides us with the opportunity to extend our product innovations and technologies across geographies, given OMRON’s global presence. We believe our collective efforts will further enhance the health and well-being of consumers all over the world” said Valentina Abate, General Manager of 3A Health Care.

About Omron Healthcare
Committed to helping people live more fulfilling lifes with zero compromise, OMRON Healthcare is a global leader in the field of clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy. OMRON Healthcare is the Global No.1 brand in both digital blood pressure monitors, with over 200 million blood pressure monitors sold, as well as nebulizers for respiratory treatment. The company’s other core product categories are low-frequency pain therapy equipment, electronic thermometers and body composition monitors. For many decades, OMRON’s devices have helped people to prevent, treat and manage their medical conditions both at home and in clinical practice in over 110 countries in the world. OMRON Healthcare Group is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. OMRON Healthcare Europe B.V. is the healthcare division for Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa and provides service to customers in more than 74 countries.

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